Robert E. Davis

Robert E. Davis

Assistant Professor

College of Education and Health Professions

(HHPR)-Health, Human Performance, & Recreation

Phone: 479-575-8612

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Dr. Robert E. Davis is an Assistant Professor of Public Health and director of the Substance Use and Mental Health Laboratory (SUMH) in the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Davis’s education and research training comes in the field of health behavior and promotion. He earned his Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a minor in Applied Statistics from the University of Mississippi. His research training was largely epidemiologic in nature, using both primary and secondary data techniques. Dr. Davis’s principal research interests currently rest on substance use behavior and in the study of behavioral theory. Current research projects investigate biopsychosocial correlates of substance use behaviors. In this research, behavioral theory is often used as a lens through which to conceptualize behavior and untimely inform intervention. Although substance use is his behavioral domain of interest, Dr. Davis’s experience with behavioral theory often leads to collaborations with other scientists applying theory to a variety of health-promoting and health-risk behaviors. In the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation, Dr. Davis teaches courses within his area of expertise. Primarily, he teaches courses on health behavior theory, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a course on the prevention of drug abuse.

Recent research from the SUMH lab:

Davis, R.E., Bass, M. A., Ford, M. A. & Nahar, V. K. (in press). Screening for Depression among a Sample of US College Students Who Engage in Recreational Prescription Opioid Misuse. Health Promotion Perspectives.

Davis, R. E., Doyle, N. A., & Nahar, V. K. (in press). Association between Prescription Opioid Misuse and Dimensions of Suicidality among College Students. Psychiatry Research.

Davis, R.E., Bass, M.A., Ford, M.A., Bentley, J.P., Lee, K., & Doyle, N.A. (2019) Recreational Prescription Opioid Misuse among College Students in the USA: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Journal of Health and Social Sciences

Nahar, V. K., Davis, R. E., Dunn, C., Layman, B., Johnson, E. C., Dascanio, J. J., Johnson, J. W., & Sharma, M. (2019). The Prevalence and Demographic Correlates of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression among Veterinary Students in the Southeastern United States. Research in Veterinary Science.

Patel, F.C., Raines, J.A., Kim, R.W., Gruszynski, K., Davis, R.E., Sharma, M., Patterson, G., Johnson, J.W. & Nahar, V.K. (Under Review). Veterinarian’s attitudes and practices related to vet shopping in Tri-State Appalachian counties: an exploratory study.