Choices for Undergraduates

The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation is a student-centered department that offers a variety of programs of study in the dynamic fields of public health, exercise science, teaching physical education, athletic training, andrecreation and sport management.

The department offers bachelor's degrees in three areas of study:

Public Health

Public health is an exciting profession that focuses on the health needs of people and their communities. Are you interested in preventing diseases, promoting health and learning about the causes of major public health issues? Do you want to learn about all aspects of health behavior such as infectious and chronic diseases, sexuality, environmental health, injuries, nutrition, and physical activity?

If so, the Public Health Program at the University of Arkansas may be for you. Public health is an exciting and diverse field that follows the public health principles and practices reflected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Public health prepares undergraduates to work in public health settings to prevent diseases and promote the health of the community. The Public Health Bachelor of Science prepares students with:

The ability to work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Governmental and non-governmental health agencies
  • International health agencies
  • Corporate health
  • Hospitals and other clinical settings
  • Public health departments
  • Health care organizations
  • A solid foundation for medical school and other graduate progeams for health degrees

Exercise Science

Are you interested in the impact of exercise and nutrition on the body? Want to learn about improving athletic performance? Would you enjoy teaching kids about fitness and sport using a cutting edge, nationally recognized physical education curriculum?

If so, studies in exercise science at the University of Arkansas may be for you. Kinesiology uses science and research to study the complexities of human muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and examines the principles involved in understanding and analyzing human motion. Two majors are offered:

Graduates can choose from several career options:

Exercise Science

  • Personal fitness trainers
  • Corporate programmers
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Youth program directors
  • Instructors in dance, gymnastics and martial arts.

Teaching K-12 Physical Education and Health

  • Graduates who complete the requirements for the P-12 Kinesiology degree become physical education teachers and coaches in public and private schools.
  • Kinesiology graduates can also go on to allied health programs that lead to careers in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Other kinesiology graduates seek admission to medical schools to become physicians while others pursue graduate research degrees in order to work as professors in colleges and universities.

Recreation and Sport Management

Are you interested in a management career outside the typical office setting? Like to participate in recreational activities? Are you a leader who would enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives through wise use of leisure?

If so, studies in recreation and sport management at the University of Arkansas may be for you. Studies in recreation and sport management offer students numerous hands-on learning experiences through internships and a practicum completed on-site at a variety of recreation venues. Advisers help students design an individualized program cluster of study that meets student career goals in the recreation and sport management field.

The RESM Bachelor of Science has two tracks:

  • Recreation Managment
  • Sport Management

Recreation track

Many recreation graduates choose careers as:

  • outdoor leaders
  • park rangers
  • youth sports coordinators
  • resort recreation specialists
  • golf course managers
  • community center directors
  • therapeutic recreation specialists

With society's renewed interest in health and wellness, recreation graduates have a wealth of professional opportunities available to them. The recreation program at the University of Arkansas is the only recreation program in the state that also offers a master's and a doctoral degree in recreation that can prepare students for management positions in state or federal agencies as well as for a variety of positions in colleges and universities.

Sport Management track

Many sport management graduates choose careers as:

  • sport marketers
  • athletic administrators
  • sport facility managers


Michelle Gray, Ph.D. The mission of our department is to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Arkansas, the nation, and the world through the development of scholar-practitioners in education, health, and human services. Our faculty, students and staff are engaged in scholarly endeavors that cross a wide array of health issues that affect our society today, and we strive to incorporate our research into the classroom and the community.

We invite you to explore our department and discover the exciting educational and career opportunities that are offered in the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation. Please take time to browse our website. We look forward to helping you achieve your highest potential as you embark upon your educational pursuits.

Michelle Gray, Ph.D.
Interim Department Head, Associate Professor of Exercise Science
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