Kaitlin M. Gallagher

Kaitlin M. Gallagher

Assistant Professor


(HHPR)-Health, Human Performance, & Recreation

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Dr. Gallagher is currently researching the influence of occupational work on spinal injuries. The switch towards standing work, sit-stand desks, and mobile computing is an exciting time in changing the current workplace set up; however, there are still many unknown injury risks that can result from these changes. She uses biomechanical data collection techniques (3-D motion capture, electromyography, and force platforms) to assess people's posture, muscle activity, and movement as a result of these new workplace set ups.

Occupational Injuries
Workplace design
Prolonged Standing
Balance Control


EXSC 3353/H - Mechanics of Human Movement

EXSC 5323 - Biomechanics I
EXSC 5333 - Instrumentation in Biomechanics

  • PhD, Kinesiology (Biomechanics), University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

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Gallagher, K.M., Callaghan, J.P. (2015) Early static standing is associated with prolonged standing induced low back pain. Human Movement Science, 44, 111-121.

Gallagher, K.M., Campbell, T., Callaghan, J.P. (2014). The influence of a seated break on prolonged standing induced low back pain development. Ergonomics, 57(4), 555-62.

Gallagher, K.M., VandenBussche, J., Callaghan, J.P. (2013) Gait adaptations to different paths of stair descent. Gait and Posture, 38, 691-95.

Gallagher, K.M., Wong, A., Callaghan, J.P. (2013).  Possible mechanisms for the reduction of low back pain associated with standing on a sloped surface. Gait & Posture, 37, 313-8.


2016-2017 Rising STAR (service, teaching, advising, research). Award for the outstanding all-around new faculty member in the College of Education and Health Professions. 

Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Faculty Gold Medal for continued support of undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities

2016-2017 Outstanding Faculty Award. Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation


Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health: Using walking breaks to reduce the biomechanical and cardio-metabolic risk factors related to prolonged occupational standing. PI: Gallagher, Co-PI: Matthew Ganio, PhD. $10,000.00

University of Arkansas. Faculty Development and Enhancement Collaborative Research Grant. $2,000.00

CRE-MSD. Assessing the effectiveness of anti-fatigue matting in those shown to develop low back pain during prolonged standing PI: Kaitlin Gallagher. Co-Investigators: Andrew Laing, Jack P. Callaghan. $7,900.00 CAD

CRE-MSD. Investigating the influence of an external tablet monitor arm in both sitting and standing office workstation scenarios PI: Kaitlin Gallagher. Co-Investigators: Thomas Karakolis, Jack P. Callaghan. $7,940.00 CAD.

CRE-MSD. Mobile application development and validation for field quantification of trunk kinematics. PI: Thomas Karakolis. Co-Investigators: Kaitlin Gallagher, Marcus Yung, Richard Wells, Jack P. Callaghan. $4,870.00 CAD.