Kristen N. Jozkowski

Kristen N. Jozkowski

Associate Professor of Community Health Promotion

College of Education and Health Professions

(HHPR)-Health, Human Performance, & Recreation

Phone: 479-575-4111

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Dr. Jozkowski earned her Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a minor in Mixed Research Methodology at Indiana University in 2011. While at Indiana University, Dr. Jozkowski was the research coordinator for the Center for Sexual Health Promotion and worked with the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction, research collaborations she still maintains in her position at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Jozkowski is currently an Assistant Professor in Community Health Promotion in the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation and is affiliate faculty in Gender Studies in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences.

  • Sexuality
  • Sexual Consent
  • Sexual Functioning
  • Sexual Pleasure, Desire and Satisfaction
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • Human Sexuality
  • Applied Health Behavior Theory
  • Sexuality in the College Culture
  • Ph.D., Indiana University, Health Behavior
  • M.S., Indiana University, Health Promotion
  • B.S., Pennsylvania State University, Bio-behavioral Health
  • Jozkowski, K.N., Schick, V., Herbenick, D., & Reece, M. (in press). Sexuality Information Seeking and Sexual Function among Women Attending In-Home Sex Toy Parties in the United States. International Journal of Sexual Health.
  • Jozkowski, K.N., & Sanders, S. (in press). Health and sexual outcomes of women who have experienced forced or coercive sex. Women & Health.
  • Mark, K.P., & Jozkowski, K.N (in press). The mediation association between communication and satisfaction in a sample of heterosexual couples. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.
  • Herbenick, D., Reece, M., Schick, V., Jozkowski, K.N., Middlestadt, S., Sanders, S., Dodge, B., Ghassemi, A., & Fortenberry, J.D. (2011). Beliefs about women’s vibrator use: Results from a nationally representative survey in the United States. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 37, 329-345.
  • Herbenick, D., Reece, M., Hensel, D., Sanders, S.A., Jozkowski, K., & Fortenberry, J.D. (2011). Association of lubricant use with women’s sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction and genital symptoms: a prospective daily diary study. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 8(1), 202-212.
  • Geshnizjani, A., Torabi, M., & Jozkowski, K.N (2011). A review of the Effectiveness of Theory Based HIV/AIDS Prevention Interventions from 2000-2010. Health Education Monograph,28(2), 25-38.

Recent Presentations:?

  • Jozkowski, K., Peterson, Z.D., & McCord, C. (2012, May). How do you keep the SEX in Sexual Assault Research, Education and Practice? Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Eastern/Midcontinent Regional Meeting, Bloomington, IN.
  • Jozkowski, K.N. (2011, November). Time to Change? Evaluating an Alternative Conceptualization of Sexual Assault Prevention Education. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual National Meeting, Houston TX.
  • Jozkowski, K.N., Smith, N., & Sanders, S.A. (2011, November). The Impact of Combined Hormonal Contraceptive Use on Women’s Sexual Desire, Arousal & Enjoyment. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual National Meeting, Houston TX.
  • Jozkowski, K., Peterson, Z., Sanders, S., & Reece, M. (2011, October/November). An assessment of heterosexual college students' conceptualizations of sexual consent as a mechanism to reduce rates of sexual assault. American Public Health Association Annual National Meeting, Washington DC.
  • Jozkowski, K., Geshnizjani, A., & Middlestadt, S. (2011, October/November). Understanding the role of healthcare providers in promoting preventative health behaviors to patients in order to reduce HIV and STI transmissionAmerican Public Health Association Annual National Meeting, Washington DC.   
  • Geshnizjani, A., Jozkowski, K., & Middlestadt, S. (2011, October/November). Utilizing the Reasoned Action Approach to Identify the Determinants of Getting the HPV Vaccine among College Students. American Public Health Association Annual National Meeting, Washington DC.   
  • Smith N., Jozkowski, K.,  Sanders, S. (2011, October/November). Impact of combined hormonal contraceptive use on women's sexual functioning. American Public Health Association Annual National Meeting, Washington DC.   
  • Jozkowski, K. (2011, March). Evaluation of an alternative approach to sexual assault prevention education. Association for Women in Psychology Annual National Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Jozkowski’s research interests broadly include the study of sexuality with an emphasis on promoting positive sexuality and healthy sexual encounters for all. Specifically, Dr. Jozkowski focuses on women’s sexual health and sexual functioning including aspects of sexual pleasure, desire and satisfaction, sexual consent, and sexual violence prevention. Dr. Jozkowski was recently funded by the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality to examine conceptualizations of sexual consent that extend beyond the dyadic encounter.


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