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Health, Human Performance and Recreation

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The Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation offers degree programs in three areas of study:


  • Public Health is an exciting profession that focuses on the health needs of people and their communities.
  • Are you interested in preventing diseases, promoting health, and learning about the causes of major public health issues? 
  • Do you want to learn about all aspects of health behavior such as infectious and chronic diseases, sexuality, environmental health, injuries, nutrition, and physical activity?

If so, the public health program at the University of Arkansas may be for you.  Public Health is an exciting and diverse field that follows the public health principles and practices reflected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

What careers do public health  majors pick?


  • Interested in the impact of exercise and nutrition on the body?
  • Want to learn about improving athletic performance?
  • Would you enjoy teaching kids about fitness and sport using a cutting edge, nationally recognized physical education curriculum?

If so, studies in kinesiology at the University of Arkansas may be for you. Kinesiology uses science and research to study the complexities of human muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and examines the principles involved in understanding and analyzing human motion.

What career opportunities do kinesiology graduates pick?


  • Interested in a management career outside the typical office setting?
  • Like to participate in recreational activities?
  • Are you a leader who would enjoy helping people improve the quality of their lives through wise use of leisure?

If so, studies in recreation and sport management at the University of Arkansas may be for you. Studies in recreation and sport management offer students numerous "hands-on" learning experiences through internships and a practicum completed on-site at a variety of recreation venues. Advisors help students design an individualized program cluster of study that meets student career goals in the recreation and sport management field.

What careers do recreation and sport management majors pick?