Faculty and Staff

Robert J. Elbin

Robert J. Elbin

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Director, Office for Sport Concussion Research

College of Education and Health Professions

(HHPR)-Health, Human Performance, & Recreation

Phone: 479-575-5262

Fax: (479) 575-2853

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Dr. Elbin currently studies the neurocognitive, physical, and psychosocial effects of sport-related concussion in youth and college-age athletes. Specifically, his research focuses on identifying factors that influence concussion risk and recovery outcomes as well as the chronic effects of concussion in youth athletes.

Sport and exercise psychology, exercise physiology, motor control, motor development, research methods and statistics

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, UPMC Sport Concussion Program
  • Ph.D., Michigan State University, Kinesiology, 2010
  • M.A., University of New Orleans, Health and Human Performance, 2005
  • B.A., University of New Orleans, General Studies/Healthcare Marketing, 2002

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  • 2013 American College of Sports Medicine Best Clinical Abstract Award
  • 2012 Womack Army Medical Center Research Award
  • 2010 Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, Department of Kinesiology, Michigan State University
  • 2010 College of Education, “Dissertation Completion Award,” Michigan State University
  • 2009 College of Education “Alumni Award,” Michigan State University
  • 2009 Department of Kinesiology Research Fellowship Recipient, Michigan State University
  • 2008 College of Education “Excellence in Teaching and Innovation Award” Nomination, Michigan State University
  • 2008 Summer Research Fellowship, Michigan State University
  • 2005 Crescent City Doctoral Scholarship Recipient, University of New Orleans