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Brendon P. McDermott

Brendon P. McDermott

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

College of Education and Health Professions

(HHPR)-Health, Human Performance, & Recreation

Phone: 479-575-4670

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Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Exercise Science, 2009
M.S., Indiana University, Kinesiology, 2001
B.S., Northeastern University, Athletic Training, 2000

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University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Athletic Trainer, Co-Director of Applied Physiology Laboratory, 2009-2012

University of Connecticut, Laboratory Instructor/Doctoral Research Assistant, 2005-2009

King’s College, Assistant Clinical Professor/Assistant Athletic Trainer, 2001-2005

Memorial Day Classic AAU Basketball Tournament, Sports Medicine Director, June, 2001

Bloomington High School South, Head Athletic Trainer, 2000-2001

January-December 2013 – Evaluation of CTAV on thermoregulatory, perceptual and cognitive ability during and following exercise in the heat while wearing body armor. PI: Brendon P. McDermott. Funded by the Cortac Company. (~$20,000)


Summer 2012 – Body Temperature Responses with and Without Utilization of Cold Air Inhalation. PI: Brendon P. McDermott. Funded by Core Cooler Company, LLC. (~$27,000)


Spring 2012 – Comparison of Hydration Beverages with Varying Carbohydrate and Sodium Concentrations. PI: Brendon P. McDermott. Funded by Drip Drop, Inc. (~$3500)


Spring 2011 – Youth Sports Safety Clinics as part of Youth Sports Safety Week. Project coordinator: Brendon P. McDermott. Funded by Safe Kids Worldwide. (~$1500)


Fall 2008 – Intravenous Versus Oral Rehydration: Medical Recovery, Physiologic, and Immunologic Considerations.  PI: Douglas J. Casa, PhD, ATC, FNATA, FACSM. Funded by National Athletic Trainers’ Association Research and Education Foundation Doctoral Research Grant. ($2,500)